Stiletto Noire…

Black stilettos.  Who doesn’t love a pair of sexy, black stilettos?  They elongate a woman’s legs, they make her feel sexy and frankly- wearing sexy, black, and lacy lingeries and a tall pair of stilettos makes for a lucious and steamy night, right?  I think so.  Allow me to introduce myself.  Wait.  I shall not tell you my first name, no.  I shall keep it secret.  I am a 30 something year old single woman living in the scorching hot desert.  I am in Phoenix.  A big, beautiful city with great weather and lots of sexy, singles.  I am finding dating to be… interesting to say the least.  I have gone on some very interesting dates here in the vally of the sun thanks to a website that shall remain unnamed, I have some great stories to tell.  Some jaw dropping, some hysterical, some erotic, some scary and all… worthy of being told.

Please… grab a glass of wine, turn the lights down low and enjoy my confessions.

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