Adult Content *** Must be 18 or older to read*** Product Review

I am going to preface this review with stating that I do have another blog but I did create a new blog here on WordPress in order to chronicle my life as a single woman and separate it from my blog regarding my frugal life and being a single parent. That other blog is full of product reviews, tips and lifestyle information and with my Stiletto Noire blog, it’s all about me as a single woman!

One of the most exciting things I have ever been invited to review is the one I am about to write about… a WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLED G-SPOT VIBRATOR! Yes, ladies… wireless. g-spot. vibrator. When UPS showed up at my door with the package, I couldn’t wait until it my little one was asleep so I could see what I surprise was in store. When I opened the plain, brown and very discreet packaging (doesn’t even say WHERE it came from specifically on the label), I squealed in delight! Inside was the most beautiful vibrator I have seen! It was long and curved with a nice girth. The actually measurements are 7″ long and 1″ wide. AND it came with batteries: SCORE! Also, a bottle of Adam and Eve lubricant. Of course, I changed and got myself ready to give this toy a try! First of all, after installing the batteries I read the instructions. There are 10 levels of vibrations and intensity. The remote is very cool because it has a piece that slides over the controls to protect them (just incase… you get a little TOO excited and accidentally change the intensity or shut it off- whoops!). The “skin” of the vibe itself was very, very silky and nice feeling. The weight was also just right: not too heavy, not too light. Just right (Sounds like Goldilocks, huh?). I went right for the doozy: straight to my clit. I gradually worked up the intensity levels (had to try them ALL out!) and they were all AMAZING and boy does this get VERY intense! It definitely didn’t take me long to climax- honestly, it felt like a tongue in a way. It was VERY nice! I had one of the most intense orgasms I have had in a while. Ladies… BUY THIS ONE! It’s a GREAT addition to the “Treasure Box” *wink wink* and gents… seriously. Add this to your repertoire! Your lady lover will thank you!

Head on over to pick one up for your own collection!

Disclaimer: I was provided the product free of charge, however, I was not given any monetary promises or payment for giving a positive review. My opinion is mine and mine alone regardless of whether the item is given for free or I paid for it, it doesn’t affect my ability to give an open opinion

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